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Kinjni for Men
Revives dull and blemished skin and brings back natural healthy glow by unclogging pores of debris and pollutants. Reduces the formation of fine lines and improves skin complexion and texture.
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am pm Cleanser: Powerful pH balanced cleanser highly effective on blemished skin, dissolve heavy sebum which usually clogs blemished pores.

Deep Pore Exfoliant: It works as a soft, natural exfoliating scrub removing dead skin cells, polishing the skin, and leaving it with a natural healthy glow.

Age Defying Serum: Highly concentrated anti-aging, moisture binding and skin repairing facial treatment contains hyaluronic acid microsphere sponge technology to help re-plump and “fill in” wrinkles. Ingredients to improve skin complexion & texture, makes skin feel soft, light, and velvety.